League Constitution

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The name of this league, a voluntary, nonprofit organization, shall be the Calvert Babe Ruth League, hereinafter referred to as the League.  This League shall be operated as a nonprofit organization, for the purpose of playing baseball under the Babe Ruth Baseball rules and ideals.




The purpose for which this league is organized is to develop and operate a baseball program for Calvert County youth, aged five (5) through eighteen (18), in affiliation with the babe Ruth League, Inc. a New Jersey corporation, in conformity with and pursuant to the principles, rules, and regulations enunciated by said Babe Ruth Inc.  In conjunction with such purpose, the objective of this League shall be to implant in the youth of Calvert County the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and reverence. To develop finer, stronger, and happier youth who will grow to be good, responsible, and healthy adults, through the medium of a supervised, competitive baseball program, guided and governed by said Babe Ruth League Inc.




This league shall be affiliated with the Babe Ruth League Inc., a New Jersey corporation.




The principle operation of this league shall be in the County of Calvert, state of Maryland, but may extend to such areas as provided for by National, state, regional, and Sectional Headquarters rules and regulations.




This league shall have the following powers, in addition to the powers expressly of implicitly conferred upon it by law and Babe Ruth League Inc.

  • To make and enforce rules and regulations to govern itself on a local basis, but consistent with and not contrary to any rules and regulations promulgated by Babe Ruth League Inc., or by the National, State, Regional, or Sectional echelons of said Babe Ruth League Inc., to which this league is subject.

  • To develop a sound financial structure through programs that do not conflict with the ideals of the Babe Ruth organization, and to make and enforce rules and regulations governing dues and special assessments within the Calvert Babe Ruth League, so long as said dues and special assessments are not contrary to rules and regulations of Babe Ruth League Inc.

  • To enter into whatever contracts, or to hold and own property, as may be legally permissible under the applications and pertinent sections of the Code of Maryland




The Executive Board of this League shall consist of the President/Chief Executive Officer, The Vice President/Commissioner, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Ways and Means Chairperson and the five Age Groups Commissioners.  To be considered for membership on the Executive Board, a candidate must be nominated and seconded by a member in good standing of the General Membership at the General Membership meeting prior to the November election.  Each board position shall be filled for a two-year term.  New elections will be held during the November meeting every other year.  Newly elected Executive Board members shall assume their duties immediately upon election.  In the event a vacancy occurs during the year, the Executive Board shall appoint a person to that position temporarily.  The temporary position will carry no voting privileges during the remainder of that current baseball year until confirmed by the General Membership at a special meeting to be called by the President.





Section 1 – Eligibility of Executive Board Members


To be nominated for membership on the Executive Board, a candidate must be nominated by a member in good standing of the League.

No term limits.

Each candidate for membership on the Executive Board must be affiliated with a league team, in either division.

Each Candidate must be a member in good standing of the League.

No member of the League shall serve as Commissioner of an age group while serving as President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer.


Section 2 – Voting


The General Membership shall consist of all members in good standing of the League, and said members shall be eligible to vote in all general elections of the Executive Board Members, to be held at the annual meeting.

The Executive Board members shall vote on all issues affecting the League playing rules and regulations and the operations of the league, according to Article V of the Constitution.





Standing committees shall be established by the Executive Board each year.  Each committee shall consist of either Executive Board members or volunteers appointed by the Executive Board.  Each standing committee shall appoint a chairman to support the role of the Calvert Babe Ruth League.  The standing committee shall include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Executive Committee

  • Audit Committee

  • Budget and Finance Committee

  • Constitution and Bylaws Committee

  • Field Coordinators and Scheduling Committee

  • Disciplinary Committee

  • Advisory Committee




Regular General Membership meetings shall be held by the Executive Board on the second Wednesday of each month.  Before any meeting of the Executive Board can be called to order, a quorum of two-thirds of the Executive Board membership is required to be present.

The President shall have the power to call a special Meeting of the Executive Board or the General Membership at any time, provided three (3) days notice is given prior to said Special Meeting.




All proposed amendments, deletions, or additions to the Constitution or Bylaws of the League shall be submitted in writing and read at a regular monthly meeting of the Executive Board.  A copy of the proposed amendment, deletion, or addition shall be submitted to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee before the next regular monthly meeting for its review and recommendations to the Executive Board.  Changes will be acted upon as soon as possible but no later than the next regular monthly meeting.  A two-thirds affirmative vote by the Executive Board Members is required to adopt and incorporate into the Constitution or Bylaws any proposed amendment, deletion, or addition.